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We are an African digital and data consultancy agency. 

We realize the digital vision of businesses, governments and educational and political institutions.


We advise clients seeking digital innovations for incremental, architectural, disruptive or radical change. 


We meet you where you are and take you where you want to be

We deliver agile, client-centered, analytics-driven digital and data strategies and solutions; identifying and targeting impact points with high social and financial returns on investment. 


We believe the foundation of sustainable value creation is competitive, client- and context-responsive service. Thus, our deliverables incorporate contextual ESG criteria for sustainable practice, outlook and 360 value creation, significantly increasing clients’ domestic and international investment, partnership and recruitment appeal. 

Our expertise means your project employs the right tools at the right time for the right objectives and enjoys seamless implementation, whether digitizing services and upgrading legacy systems, implementing agile digital transformation or building disruptive platforms.

- Data generation and data science

- Digitalization and creating digital technologies

- Strategy, insight, policy and planning

- Systems science and organizational design

- Transformation management

- Education, health, election forensics, psychometrics

- African contexts and networks


What We Do

Perform data generation, collection and science, deliver strategic insight and produce digital strategies and tools

Our progressive and specialized solutions are based on your vision and fit your unique challenges.


Our subject matter expertise and processes are structured for transformative digitalization.


Design data strategy, delivering data gathering and generation, analytics, visualization and business and client insight for executive decision making, operations and value creation


Our Process

Our process is based on engagement and collaboration and uses our strategic, technical and systems expertise to deliver objectives. It makes value creation innate and catalytic solutions a natural result.

Discovery is a core part, as we believe you are your content expert. Your experiential knowledge from your daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes, procedures and goals are invaluable.


Together, we produce insight which accurately places your organization within its ecosystem; proposes solutions you can implement immediately [with your current resources]; and provides tools and strategies to transform your operations.

1. Discovery

Listen, learn and research and - from data gathering – analyze client context as neutral yet vested observers

Agree on purpose, value proposition and expectations

Contract scope of services

Our Portfolio

Highlights of our current work products

AWS Collect | Data Collection & Analysis

AWS Collect is our digital survey administration, data collection and analysis system.

In AWS Collect, we design a customized data strategy and implementation plan with comprehensive data gathering, including focus groups, KIIS, social and traditional media data generation, field surveys and/or desk reviews; conduct regional enumerator recruitment, training and administration; activate data science methodologies for analysis and reporting; and deliver seamless administration, raw data and relevant visualizations, analysis and strategy insight. Survey administration is implemented through our proprietary off-line data collection tool with automated ID recognition and location, data, voice and video input.


Ready for commercial use, AWS Collect has proven effectiveness in post COVID-19 data generation and collection projects.


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