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Create solutions and drive change



Design data and investment strategies, with data gathering and generation, analytics, visualisation and business and client insight for executive decision- making on investments, operations, and value creation; deliver industry investment project management services that realise equity gains



Build and manage digital platforms and ecosystems for commercial, educational and political data gathering and analysis and service delivery, leading projects from ideation to implementation and improvement



Perform appreciative inquiry - assessing an organisation's design, maturity, market, networks, strengths, readiness, worker experience, and objectives; formulate digital strategy, innovation model and process; and implement digital solutions that work

Our Development Process


Listen, learn and research and - from data gathering – analyze client context as neutral yet vested observers​. Agree on purpose, value proposition and expectations​. Contract scope of services.


Conduct market analysis​. Propose digital solutions that meet objectives, with sector specific and technical expertise and networks. Deliver proof of concept with value creation mapping.


Produce user experience, user flow and wireframes (UX/UI)​. Build digital component with standardisation across platforms​. Run internal usability tests.


Deploy minimal awesome product for feedback. Refine and improve product to meet market needs.

Soft Launch

Final usability tests and refinement from external user-generated data. ​Draft product roadmapping. ​Draft ethnographic market research framework for roadmapping.

Go Live & Maintenance

Product installation and deployment with supervised usage and technical support​.

Our Products


Skreeni is an event ticketing mobile and web platform that has every tool an event organizer needs to run, analyze, develop, and excel in their business. Designed to be fast, clean, scalable, and customisable to your operating and regulatory environments, the Skreeni user experience takes event goers from searching for events to seeing listed events, learning about events, selecting  type and number of tickets, purchasing  tickets, and receiving tickets. Skreeni seamlessly integrates into your current website with an easy-to use, secure backend event, ticket, and venue management and real-time, context-relevant data dashboard and reporting. Skreeni clients have options of several implementation packages including with accounting and tax and regulatory compliance and ticket management services.


A web and mobile application point of sale software, SpidiPay accepts and authorises payments for purchases in credit card and mobile money formats. SpidiPay seamlessly integrates into businesses' web, mobile, and point of sale platforms - with branding and customisation options - and uses PCI DSS compliant payment gateways, making it a secure end-to-end payment platform. The SpidiPay implementation is designed to work with customers' credit card and mobile money providers, streamlining their retail transactions and user experiences.

AWS Collect

AWS Collect is our proprietary off-line data collection tool with automated ID recognition and location, data, voice, and video input. When using AWS Collect, you can select packages that may include customised data strategy and implementation plan; comprehensive data gathering, including case studies, observation, KIIs, focus groups, social and traditional media data generation, field surveys, and desk reviews;  enumerator recruitment, training, and management; and data science for analysis and reporting. The AWS Collect package delivers seamless administration, raw data and relevant visualizations, analysis, and strategy insight and with proven efficacy in post COVID-19 data generation and collection projects.

About us

We are an african digital and data consultancy

We realise the digital vision of business, educational and political institutions.

Founded in 2006, we advise clients seeking digital innovations for incremental, architectural, disruptive or radical change. We deliver agile, client-centered, analytics-driven digital and data strategies and solutions, identifying and targeting impact points with high social and financial returns on investment. Our process makes value creation innate and catalytic solutions a natural result.

Discovery is at our core

We believe you are your content expert. Your experiential knowledge from your daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes, procedures and goals are invaluable. Therefore, we enter as neutral yet vested observers, with systems and organisational expertise. We listen, learn and research and - from data collection and analysis - produce insight which accurately places your organisation within its ecosystem; proposes solutions you can implement immediately (i.e., within your current resource range); and provides tools and strategies that transform your operations and markets.


Our talent spans African STEM, industry, and governance sectors. Our frameworks are based on client engagement and collaboration. Through our data science, growth and investment strategies, and digital products, we use our strategic, technical, network, and systems expertise to deliver results.

we solve problems

Our expertise means your project employs the right tools at the right time for the right objectives and enjoys seamless implementation, whether digitising services and upgrading legacy systems, implementing agile digital transformation, or building disruptive platforms.


Data generation and data science
Digitalization and creating digital technologies
Strategy, insight, policy, and planning
Systems science and organisational design
Investment project management
Transformation management
Digital economy, education, extractive industries, health, eelection forensics, psychometrics


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